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"Utterly amazing! I've used and paid for many hypnosis CDs, tapes, etc. But this is truly a first class production and I do go very deep. Highly effective! So thankfull, this has helped me enormously." Gra 67 YouTube User Comment

"I have been using EnTrance videos since they appeared on YouTube, twice a day every day. They never fail to put me into a deep restful place, their inductions are wonderful, very varied and some with a nice occult flavour. The variety of choice is vast. I genuinely feel that they are doing me good, I feel more relaxed, confident and that any thing is possible. I have this sneaking feeling that one day, when all the programming as been assimilated by the subconscious mind I will stop being a frog and turn into a handsome Prince! Superb!" Ian Pick YouTube User Comment

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