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We try to innovate here at EnTrance. So thought that one of the best times to access the sub-conscious mind is during your time 'in the zone' during exercise. So we have created a self help meditation series for use during light excersize, yoga, zumba or even just walking. The mixes are with an upbeat backing track. Caution should be used with this product, and should never be used on machinery. These are self help and personal development titles aimed at those wishing to change their life. There are around 100 ‘subjects’ for you to choose from. From improving your confidence to regressing to your inner baby self, this is where you begin your life changing journey.

EnTrance Guarantee

EnTrance is an ethical organisation with a simple policy of do unto others as we would like done to ourselves.

Quite simply - we believe in our product, so we let you try it free. If you enjoy it, please purchase it, and if it benefits you, please help us by recommending us to your friends.

Thank you.

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