How It Works

EnTrance is a collection of Self Help & Personal Development audio recordings.

Hypnotic by nature, they are suitable for both the complete beginner, or those fully experienced in Meditation and Hypnosis. The end product of both Meditation and Hypnosis is the total relaxation of the conscious mind.

Our audio will put you into a very deep state of relaxation, and through carefully crafted scripts, will introduce positive affirmation, beneficial suggestions and metaphoric stories, to help you begin the process of becoming what ever you want to become!

Each of our 1,750 products is available as a single download, playable directly on your computer, phone, tablet or any other media player capable of using high quality MP3 audio files. You can copy this on to as many different players as you want to.

There is no need for a subscription. No special software is needed. (Although if you wish to subscribe to our entire catalogue, and/or play your purchases via an App, both are availble via Bandcamp - the power behind EnTrance's online delivery.)

EnTrance is amongst the very best quality Self Help & Personal Development products available anywhere in the World.


Each EnTrance download will be approximately 50-80mb taking just a modest amount of storage space on your phone or computer.

Having studied closely, exactly what makes recordings by revered hypnotherapists such as Paul McKenna, Paul Scheele and Micheal Sealey so effective, we spent two years collaborating the expertise of hypnotherapists, NLP & Audio professionals.

Taking the very best available attributes of current hypnotic recording techniques, we designed, wrote and engineered EnTrance to help release the inner need for: Purpose, goals, meaning, challenge and creativity.

EnTrance is recorded on professional audio recording equipment in acoustically treated studios by Broadcast Audio Professionals with over 20 years experience.

In terms of studio production values and hypnotic effectiveness, EnTrance is amongst the very best quality Self Help & Personal Development products available anywhere in the World. This is not a home made YouTube production.

We use all of the expected deep trance inducing isochronic, bin-aural, sub-tonal and inter-tonal technologies to help drop you into the deepest Delta Trance, along with a sophisticated use of the panning spectrum, where our positive suggestion and metaphoric teaching paraliminals help you begin the healing and development process.

We can’t, don't and won't claim to have an instant fix for you via a recorded audio file - but we can and will open the door for your own unconscious mind to begin the amazing process and journey of self healing and development. And we can complete and personalise your Healing journey via personal or online/Skype 1-2-1 sessions.

Our recordings are built so that no two of our files have the same induction, deepener or paraliminal section - each of our 1750 (2500 when complete!) Meditations files is unique! Totalling over 800 hours as a full collection!!

EnTrance Guarantee

EnTrance is an ethical organisation with a simple policy of do unto others as we would like done to ourselves.

Quite simply - we believe in our product, so we let you try it free. If you enjoy it, please purchase it, and if it benefits you, please help us by recommending us to your friends.

Thank you.

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