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Personalised & Private Therapy Sessions

Private Sessions - Coming Soon

EnTrance is a huge project and from conception has taken several years to reach where we are at.

Where we are at, however, is only the beginning.

However good the production, no recorded script is ever as effective as an 'in-person' session.

The next step for EnTrance is to offer you a Private Personal Session (PPS) where ever you are in the world.

Costings will be based on our therapists Private Session rate, plus travelling costs. In a bit to keep EnTrance PPS sessions affordable, Skype sessions will become available with all of the EnTrance voices/therapists in due course.

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Personalised Recordings - Coming Soon

Entrance was designed by Stuart Newman to be able to deliver a huge amount of permutations and variety from our recordings. Meaning we are able to keep the prices very low, despite using costly Production techniques and sound stages.

Another of our long term aims is to be able offer Personalised recordings with scripts which go deeper into your own subconscious and address specific issues to your needs.

This would require a telephone or Skype Pre session before the script is written.

Unfortunately, due to studio time needed and the time consuming nature of personalised script writing - this product will be a Premium price package.

Please join our mailing list in the Footer of this page to be informed of updates.

EnTrance Guarantee

EnTrance is an ethical organisation with a simple policy of do unto others as we would like done to ourselves.

Quite simply - we believe in our product, so we let you try it free. If you enjoy it, please purchase it, and if it benefits you, please help us by recommending us to your friends.

Thank you.

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