The Voice Overs

Another major strength of EnTrance above all of its competitors is that we give you a choice of voice.

As good as any script may be, a major part of recorded hypnosis being effective is the user relating and accepting the voice. We give you a choice of three distinctly different voices, one of which, we're sure, will work well enough with your own personal energy to make EnTrance hit the spot and make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible before you begin your Meditations.

Our Team

Mick Crudge

Mick Crudge - Soft Northern English - Malevoice.

Working and teaching as a committed hands on Healer for almost 15 years and as a Hypnotherapist for the past 7 years, Mick Crudge's journey to Entrance began via a chance meeting on a train journey across India where he was given a book on Hypnosis.

After working with Horses in New Mexico where he discovered powerful Healing energies, Mick trained as an Analytical Hypnotherapist at the Hypnotherapy Institute of Great Britain where he was introduced to, and inspired by, the powerful and transformative teachings of the late Great Gil Boyne.

EnTrance's multi layered scripts are carefully crafted by Mick from a variety of modern life influences and ancient metaphoric teachings.

Hollie Kamel

Hollie Kamel - Classic English - Female voice.

Certified NLP & Law of Attraction Practitioner - Hollie Kamel is no stranger to all things Voice.

As a Professional Singer and Voice Over artist, bringing connection and emotion to all things vocal is what Hollie is about.

With her strong corporate background, combined with her creative career, Hollie possess all the right ingredients for EnTrance, and has a deep passion for hypnotherapy, meditation and all things that connect YOU with YOU!

"We are what we focus on and I truly believe that we all have the tools and answers within us to deal with and overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal - we just need to believe and take action and to me hypnotherapy and meditation is your heart answering your soul"

Stuart Newman

Stuart Newman - Estuary English - Male voice

A random encounter with a Paul McKenna 'Stop Smoking' CD gave now recovering alcoholic, Stuart Newman, the inner strength to tackle a 25 year old drink problem.

Broadcast Audio specialist, Newman, has spent over ten years analyzing the techniques of the Worlds best Hypnotherapy recordings and utilised his expansive knowledge to forge Crudge's scripts into the deepest of trance inducing audio beds.

Very much the driving force behind EnTrance, Newman says, "After discovering the amazing power held by the subconscious mind and how releasing this can transform lives, we really wanted to put something back out there which can really make a difference, and at a price which people where people are prepared to take a chance on."

EnTrance is split into distinct libraries to help you target the area of your life which you wish to improve. Check out the Store menu above to find each library. You can try each hypnotic meditation for free on each items product page, or via the free stuff menu.

EnTrance Guarantee

EnTrance is an ethical organisation with a simple policy of do unto others as we would like done to ourselves.

Quite simply - we believe in our product, so we let you try it free. If you enjoy it, please purchase it, and if it benefits you, please help us by recommending us to your friends.

Thank you.

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